how to add watermark in pdf file?

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    David Stewart

    Give Custom Touch to Your PDFs
    A PDF file holds multiple data. It is an excellent document format to manage data easily and share them without restriction of software. Do you know that you can give a different look to your PDF by setting the page background? Add PDF watermark with the support of our software. This could be an excellent program for professionals who want to give professional touch to their documents. Set the company name or logo as a background. You can set any image as a background. Personalizing documents could be an excellent idea to follow.
    Key Features of the App

    Personalize your PDFs by adding watermark of your choice
    Add watermark texts and images
    Multiple options to define Watermark position
    Define colour and size of the text
    Set the opacity level of the watermark
    Image can be rotated to any direction
    A Windows friendly app, runs with Windows 8, 10, XP or Vista
    An independent app to try

    An Advance Tool to Add Watermark to PDFs, Available in Personal and Commercial Platforms!
    Add Watermark of Text
    This utility gives you permission to add any text as background of PDF files. Enter the company name, a short or crispy line, your personal name or any text that you find suitable.
    Add Watermark Image
    This tool allows you add any suitable image as a PDF page background. At one time, you can add only one image. If you wish to add multiple images, it will be better collaborated multiple images to one to set as watermark.
    Set Size & Colour of Text
    The application gives freedom to set a suitable size of the watermarked text and the colour. It has options to set a unique colour of the text by mixing different colours.
    Keep the Image Original or Rotate
    It is the choice of users to keep the image original or rotate it.
    Set Watermark Position
    Which position do you like most? Top Centre, middle right, bottom centre, bottom right and multiple other positions can be set as per your comfort.
    Show Vertically or Horizontally
    This app gives flexibility to set the direction of text or image either vertical or horizontal. It could be any of them as per your instruction.
    Set the Opacity Level
    The utility gives you the permission to set the opacity level of watermark either dark or light.
    Watermark Any Desirable PDFs
    Add PDF Watermark to any PDF documents. The tool has search button to locate PDF files from local folders to watermark.
    Watermark One PDF Simultaneously
    This tool supports Watermark to one PDF file at a time. You can select one file to personalize it.
    Save the PDF
    Once watermark operation is done, you can save the PDF file to any directory or drive of the computer. You have full control over the app.
    Free trial of the app is available that helps you judge functions of the tool practically.  Download it today.

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