how to add watermark text in pdf?

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    Spencer Lefevre

    Install the App to Personalise Your PDFs
    If you wish to give a unique or personal touch to your PDFs, license of this tool will be beneficial for you? This is an advance watermark tool that gives you freedom to watermark any PDF file according to your style. There are several occasions when users want to give a custom touch to PDFs. Companies can personalize their PDFs by adding company name, title of the document etc… This tool gives you complete freedom to add PDF text watermark.
    Key Features of the Application

    Complete flexibility to set text as watermark
    Decide the font, colour and size of the text as per your comfort
    Set the position of the text to any corner or middle of the page
    Set the text horizontal or vertical
    Find flexibility to set the opacity level
    Accomplish watermark to any PDF file
    A Windows tool, run smoothly with Windows XP/Vista/8/10
    Work without support of any third tool

    The Windows PDF Watermark tool is easy to operate, offers to personalize PDF files within just a few minutes
    Easy to Operate
    This tool is quite easy to handle without any technical support. It doesn’t need any specific technical proficiency. Easy-to-understand tabs guide you to operate the program efficiently.
    Set Text as Watermark
    Write down the text in the app to make it as your PDF watermark. Users can display the company name or any suitable text as watermark.
    Set the Style of the Watermark
    Users have control to set the text size, font and colour. The can choose any mixed colour or particular colour. The font style can be any like Times New Roman, Gothic, Arial etc…
    Set the Opacity
    Users have found the freedom to select the opacity level. It could be dark or light. Set the level of opacity as per your comfort.
    Set the Text Horizontal or Vertical
    The text of the watermark can be displayed horizontally or vertically. It simply depends on you how you want to display the text.
    Finalize the Position of the Watermark
    This watermark can be displayed at the centre, middle, top, bottom, right, left, top left, top right, right middle etc… Tick the appropriate position of the watermark.
     Watermark to Any PDF
    Users have no restriction to choose a PDF to watermark. They are free to watermark their personal or professional PDF.
    License to Use for Life Term
    Once you get the license of the app, you are free to use it as much as you want. There is no restriction. You can watermark unlimited number of PDFs.
    Watermark Only One PDF Simultaneously
    At one time, you can watermark only one portable document. This tool quickly scans the selected PDF file.
    Safe Process
    The process to add PDF text watermark is safe to use. It makes no change in the content. It has been designed to add only watermark.
    Install its free version for free evaluation of the app.

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