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About EML Viewer


EML is a versatile file extension that supports multiple email clients of Windows, Linux and Mac. An EML file can be opened with Mac Mail, Thunderbird, WLM, SeaMonkey and many others. EML files hold multiple email clients together. Entire properties of mails are saved including CC, BCC, To and From. Due to its flexibility to open with multiple email clients, it is a widely used file extension.

What is EML Viewer?

To view an EML file without installation of its supportive email clients, all you need to install a third app. An EML viewer supports all EML supportive email clients including Thunderbird, Mac Mail, WLM, SeaMonkey and many others. The straightforward app is easy to configure and install. It runs swiftly on Windows 8, 10, XP and Vista.

How to View EML?

Look at all the above mentioned programs. All of them support to view an EML file without installation of any of its supportive email clients. Download any of these programs without thing much. They have been evaluated for quality. You can trust the software to view EML files without putting your software at any risk.


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