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Maildir to Mbox Converter

Migrating documents and different files to a new server is something that most of you might be doing on daily basis. Among all other things, Maildir is one such thing that you might want to migrate to your Outlook mail account. If this is the case, then you have come at the very right place as we have answers to all your questions.  In this article, you will get to know how to convert Maildir to Outlook. We will also be telling you about Maildir to Mbox Converter that will reduce your efforts as well as your time.

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Before beginning with our guide, let us first understand some of the key points related to Maildir as well as Outlook. It will help us in understanding the migration process in a better way.

The Difference between Maildir and Outlook


Maildir is another kind of Email Format. It is a tool that stores all the email messages in the databases of the respective servers. The most important fact about Maildir is that it stores all the email messages in a unique file that has a unique name for every email message stored. Each email message stored in Maildir has a unique directory that is further divided into 3 more subdirectories including cur, tmp, etc.

Outlook on the other hand is a worldwide known email client that is operated by most of international organizations and enterprises. Not just companies, many home users also operate this software for their personal as well as official use. Outlook also offers smooth access to GUI communication through email messages. This particular email software is a very safe and trustworthy platform for all users. Files are stored in PST format in Outlook.

Now that you know what does Maildir and Outlook means, it is time to understand the reasons for migrating Maildir files into Outlook.

Reasons to Import Outlook

If you have reached so far, then we are sure that you must be clear with the meaning and the concept behind Maildir and Outlook. If you wish to check the email messages in Maildir, you must have them to your respective servers and then you can read all the email messages. But reading mail messages in Maildir is not as easy as it might seem. It is a complicated and time-consuming task. However, Outlook gives you a platform where you can easily the email messages in the PST format. That is the main reason why many users are shifting to Outlook PST. Now, let’s look at the manual ways for switching Maildir files into Outlook PST files.

Tips and Tricks to Convert Maildir to Outlook PST:

Using the below mentioned manual steps, you can convert Maildir to Outlook PST:

  1. By exporting Maildir Email Messages from its server
  2. By importing the exported PST into the outlook

Export Maildir Email Messages from its Server

Before beginning with the steps, make sure that you create a backup file of the Maildir files.

  • To begin, you have to link to the Server of any website of your choice
  • Now, click on the mail folder that will show you all the files in your screen
  • Once done, you can now look at all the Maildir file folders like.Sent, .tmp, .Draft. etc.
  • Now you have to create a Maildir backup file that contains all the subfolders of your system’s drive

One must make sure that these manual solutions are a bit complicated to operate. The process becomes difficult while you try to move Maildir files into the PST files. For that purpose, you may use a Maildir Converter Tool that helps you to move all the files in Maildir and convert them into PST file format.

Import Exported PST files into Outlook

  • Now, you have to launch the MS Outlook application. Enter all the credentials to Log In . Once done, click on the ‘File’ tab.
  • After clicking on the file tab, head towards the drop-down menu, and pick the Open & Export option. Now click on Import/Export.
  • Once done, you will see a list in your screens. There, choose Import from any other program or any file from the list. Now press the ‘Next’ tab.
  • Once done, open the exported PST file from the drive-by Browse option. Again click the ‘Next’ tab to proceed further.

Now as you might have observed, the above-mentioned manual methods are very complicated. Without professional help, it often becomes very difficult to handle these steps and execute the migration process successfully. Hence, if you wish to make your work easier, and cost-effective, we will recommend you to choose the Maildir Converter. This tool helps you to move all the folders or their sub folders into different file formats including Outlook PST, MBOX, PDF, etc.

Here are some of the features of Maildir Migrator Tool:

  • It can execute single and large quantities of file conversion of Maildir files into different kinds of formats
  • It can import Maildir files to Mbox, MSG, PST, and various formats
  • It can be used to upload various files to Outlook quickly
  • If offers Maildir email messages with all their attributes and comes with a Preview Option
  • It features a Date Range Filter that can be used to remove unwanted messages


We do not say that it is impossible to convert files using those manual methods. However, with the help of the Maildir to MBOX Converter, you can easily execute the process in a short period. We hope that this Blog answered all your questions related to Maildir and Outlook.

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