How to Download Gmail Attachments In Bulk?

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Download Gmail Attachments

Users are in need to know how to download Gmail attachments in bulk. Are you the one looking for a solution to download Gmail attachments? Do you also have crucial email attachments in your Gmail account? Do you want to save these attachments in the local machine? There may many reasons behind the need of downloading Gmail attachments, the easy way out is here.

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Unfortunately, Gmail does not have any solution via which you can download the email attachments or extract the attachments from the huge amount of emails. By using Google Takeout, the attachments can be extracted.

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Many users all over the world use Google Mail for performing emailing communication in organizations and for fulfilling personal needs. Of course, Google provides the facility to store the emails along with the attachments but that does not mean that it is permanent file storage. Therefore, this article explains in detail about downloading of Gmail attachments to the local machine.

Users Need for Gmail Email Attachment Extraction

Some of the Gmail users have queries connected to Gmail downloading and extraction.

First Query:

I have several email attachments in Gmail and all of them got stuck in my Gmail account. If I download email one by one, it consumes a lot of time. I am now in need of a solution via which it is easy to download and extract Gmail attachments. I want to extract and save Gmail attachments on my desktop.

Second Query:

There are various email attachments in my Gmail emailing account and I want to download attachments for Gmail emails. However, I failed to do so. I am using Gmail in Google Chrome and when I clicked on the download icon to save the attachment, I found no result. So, suggest the ways extract email attachments from Gmail.

As a solution to download the attachments from Gmail emails we first need to download the emails from the Gmail account with the help of Google Takeout. Soon after that, we can extract attachments from Gmail emails by using the Gmail Attachment extractor.

First Method: Download Gmail Attachment Extractor

As the best solution to sort this requirement, download Gmail attachments by backup Gmail emails as adobe PDF locally and after that save the required attachments as per the requirement. The instant way to extract and download Gmail attachments is to utilize Softaken IMAP Attachment Extractor software. With the help of this software, you can easily download the Gmail emails along with the attachments inside it.

Here is the step-by-step process of the software:

Following are the working steps for extracting attachment from the Gmail account:

  1. Download IMAP Attachment Extractor software and launch it.
  2. The interface comprises of the following buttons:

Authentication Form: For authenticating the IMAP Server, enter the following details:

  • Host: Enter the Host Address of the IMAP Server
  • User Name: Enter the email address of the IMAP server
  • Password: Provide IMAP password
  • Authenticate Me: Click on Authenticate button to authenticate the IMAP account.
  1. You will come across several export options for extracting IMAP attachments:

Select Folder: Choose the folder of IMAP server for extracting the attachments:

  • Export all files: Select all files to download the attachments
  • Export DOC files: To export attachments only .doc extension files
  • Export only Excel (XLS/XLSX) To export attachments only .xls/.xlsx extension files
  • Export PDF: To export only.pdf extension files
  • Enter Extension Manually: Manually enter the file extension for extracting emails
  1. Hit the browse button to save the attachments exported from IMAP server
  2. Click on Export Attachment Now. Start exporting the attachments from IMAP server.

CONCLUSION: There is proviso by Google for extracting the email attachments from various emails. With the help of professional software, you can make the task easy. Thus, in this write-up, you are provided the solution to the query  How to Download Gmail Attachments In Bulk? The two methods work fine, you can select the method as per your comfort and download the Gmail attachments.

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