Learn How to Remove Duplicates from EML Files

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EML Duplicate Remover

The presence of duplicate data in EML data file is not unusual. The users of Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, etc often complain to have a large number of duplicate email data, and they look for an appropriate position to deal with it.

Having duplicate emails in the file not only increases mess, leads to bad file management but also occupies unnecessary storage space, and increases the chances of file corruption. By removing clutter from the device, a user not only creates space for new data but also fastens up the device speed.

Finding duplicate data in the email file and removing it manually is a tedious and time taking task. If you are short of time, then you can easily remove duplicate items using third-party software. Duplicate remover software makes the process easier and faster. And one of the best software to do this job is EML duplicate remover.

What Is Copy Record And How It Is Created In EML File?

The duplicate record in a file is like having the same data for two or more than two times. There are many reasons for duplication in EML file. Some of them are

  • Repeat synchronization of the file could cause duplication
  • Failure in server synchronization
  • Some kind of interruption when you are downloading the file
  • Running multiple EML in the device
  • Use of antivirus while creating the EML copy of the mail file. Some antiviruses, interact with the messages and create a copy.

How To Find And Remove Duplicate Data From EML file

If you have duplicate files in your EML file, then there are two methods present to remove duplicate items. We first discuss going to discuss how to remove it manually. That is without taking the assistance of third-party software.

There are a few methods present to find and remove duplicates. The easiest one is

1: Turn the EML envelope viewpoint you have chosen to the tablet mode.

2: Look for duplicate mails

3: Remove items that you find  duplicate.

Limitations Of Manual Method.

This will work if the envelope has scarcely any messages. This method seems simple, but there are some challenges working with it. Such as, for a small file, it is still feasible to search for duplicate data and delete it. Think about EML file having data in GB size. It is hard to do so, and if any misunderstanding happens, then you might end up deleting some important data as well.  Moreover, it is even harder to delete data, if the duplicates are in different coordinators. In this situation, the most reliable tool to remove duplicate data is third party software. The software is professionally developed to do such tasks, and thus they are able to remove duplicates more precisely.

One such reliable software is EML Duplicate remover. It works flawlessly and removes duplicates without error.

Use The Professional Software

EML duplicate remover software is one of the best tools for removing duplicate data. Embedded with easy to understand interface, working with the software is just like playing a game on the Android platform.

<strong>Download Now</strong>

In addition to that, this is a quick tool and ensures accurate removal of duplicate files either it is in the file twice, thrice or more than that time.

The best part about this tool is that you can remove duplicates of more than one EML file at the same time. Yes, it gives you to upload single as well as multiple files. The demo or free version of the software is present. This version will remove duplicates and will not allow you to save the original copy.

Step By Step Guide How Software works

The first thing that you need to do for removing duplicate EML data from the mail file is launching the software on your device. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows. So, you can easily install it on any Windows compatible device.

Then the next step is uploading the EML file in the software. For that click on the option “Select folder having EML/EMLX files” or “Select single/multiple EML/EMLX file or files.” Then click on the option “Remove duplicate across the folder” or “Remove duplicate within the folder”. The software works both ways.

If is important that you save the EML or EMLX file on the device you are going to use to remove duplicate data. The software has a browse option to find the location of file and upload. Once you click on the above-mentioned options, it will open your devise folders to select the required file.

The step by step guide to convert file starts from here.

  1. Upload the EML or EMLX files in software by clicking on the upload file button.
  2. Browse the location of the file and upload it. Click on the ‘Add’ button, if you want to add more than one file. Two options are present for adding EML or EMLX file.
  • Folder option that allows you to add a folder having all EML or EMLX files.
  • The single or multiple files. This option allows you to upload files one by one.

After uploading all the files, the software display the number of files it has added.

  1. The next step is to remove duplicates. In this step as well, two options are present.
  • Remove duplicate within the folder – This option will allow you to remove duplicate items within the folder.
  • Remove duplicate across the folder – When you choose this option, the software allows you to remove duplicate items present in the folder as well as outside the folder.
  1. Click on the next step to begin the duplicate removal process. Once done, save the original file at the desired location.

Note: With the demo version, you will be able to see the duplicate data, but the software will not remove the data.

If you want to work with EML Duplicate Remover without any hiccups, then it is best that you buy the license of the software. Three options are present in it.

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Enterprise

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