CSV to vCard Converter

A trusted program to convert CSV contacts to vCard formats

CSV to vCard Converter Software is virus-free and safe solution to convert CSV file to VCF file format. Using this utility, users can export CSV file contacts to vCard format. You are free to save VCF resultant file at desired location. This program assists loading CSV files created by MS Excel, OpenOffice, Google CSV, TextEditor, LibreOffice, etc. and import them to vCard version 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.

Facilitates mapping CSV file data with vCard data of VCF fields
Supportive to all devices created CSV files such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.
Easily operate by technical and non-technical users
Export CSV file all details like name, title, phone number, email id, etc.
Compatibility with new and old Windows versions
Load any heavy CSV file to export its data into vCard file
Check CSV file data in preview before conversion
Export CSV contacts into multiple VCF files
Convert CSV contacts to VCF 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 versions
Independent to utilize without supportive program installation
Free demo edition to evaluate the software first
Desired path to store resultant VCF files
Keep data integrity well maintained during the conversion
Take help of Live Chat to settle down queries regarding CSV data file to VCF export

Immediate Conversion of CSV to VCF file format

With the simple steps and smart working of this software, CSV file contacts are effortlessly converted into VCF file format. This excellent solution will help you in adding any heavy CSV file to export all its contacts into VCF file format.

Detailed procedure to export CSV data file to vCard:

Step 1: The first step is to launch the program by its successful installation.

Step 2: After the program runs, add CSV file that you want to export.

Step 3: This starts scanning CSV file and then you can preview contacts of CSV file. You can also map CSV with VCF fields.

Step 4: Mention destination where you want to save VCF contacts file.

Step 5: Hit the Convert Now button and this actually begins contacts export from CSV file to VCF file format.

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Need for using CSV to vCard Converter Tool

vCard file support all data types

In CSV file, you can store only plain text and numbers. But VCF file can store photos, logos, sound clips, texts and numbers. Therefore, VCF format is highly preferred than CSV file format.

Lack of standardization

There is no set of rules to create CSV file. Thus, business users highly prefer VCF file format. Undoubtedly, CSV file is used by many applications but not by mobile devices. VCF is the only format that supports all mobile devices.

Import CSV file from many programs

You can import CSV file to all applications and devices after conversion into VCF file format. vCard format is highly compatible with large applications such as Gmail, iPhone, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

Due to less sharing options

Only few email applications or electronic devices can import & export CSV files. But by conversion into vCard format, users can open CSV file contacts in iPhone, Android, and other applications.

Lightweight Tool to Convert CSV files from all applications to VCF

This conversion program is capable of meeting all your requirements. This ensures safe and reliable conversion without any hassles. You can utilize this light-weight program for your personal & business needs. Without any additional utility installation, users can complete conversion with this tool.

All kinds of CSV files with multiple applications can be exported into VCF format with this program. CSV files of Outlook, Google Contacts, Excel, Apple Mail, etc. are well supported to convert into vCard format by this application.

Display CSV file Content & Offer Mapping Facility

The software displays content of CSV file in preview pane. It shows you all details & properties of CSV files. By checking data of CSV file, users can ensure about data quality and quantity prior the conversion process.

Apart from this, it allows correctly map CSV fields with vCard fields such as name, birth date, gender, company, phone, email address, website, etc. This useful application exports CSV data items into vCard without making any alterations to original content.

Features & Benefits of CSV to VCF Converter Software

Convert CSV Contacts in Batch

Contacts in batch mode are exported from CSV file format to vCard file format by using this application. In single attempt, all contacts from CSV file are seamlessly exported into vCard file without any complications.

3 different vCard versions

Different applications and devices support different versions of vCard file. This online CSV to VCF Converter allows exporting CSV contacts to 3 different vCard versions such as vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.

Allow contact fields mapping

During Comma Separated Values to VCF conversion, the program allows mapping of fields of CSV file with vCard fields. You can pick desired columns of CSV file and map them with corresponding columns of VCF file.

Fully Maintain Data Integrity

While exporting CSV contacts to VCF format, there will be no data loss at all. This program fully retain multiple email ids, complete address details, phone numbers and other information after performing the conversion.

Save at desired location

You need to provide a suitable location to save vCard file on your local system. Once CSV file is added and previewed, you have to provide an appropriate location for saving the change of CSV file to VCF file format.

Transfer CSV contacts to iPhone

Using this valuable program, users can convert multiple contacts from CSV data file to vCard format. After this, users can import contacts to iPhone. The VCF file created by this software is supported by iPhone 8/7/6 & others.

Transfer CSV contacts to Android phones

This program is beneficial to import CSV contacts to Android phones. Once the conversion is completed, you can import resultant vCard file to all Android phones like Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, etc.

Import CSV file to iCloud and Mac Address Book

One of the toughest tasks for users is to move CSV contacts to iCloud and Mac address book. The tool make this task easier by export CSV file contacts data to vCard format that is imported in iCloud & Mac address book.

Support CSV from several applications

This utility is smartly designed to support CSV file created by Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, TextEditor, etc. and converts them into vCard file format without any complications.

No supportive application required

To work with this program, no supported application is required to install in the system. It is capable enough to work standalone without any issues. Simply fulfill basic needs of this program to smoothly run it.

Freely test the program

You can freely analyze the software performance & features by downloading free demo version. This will allow conversion of first 10 items per folder from CSV data file to vCard file format.

No file size boundations

Without specifying any boundations for file size, users are permitted to add any heavy size CSV file to export its data items into VCF file format. Moreover, there is no effect on conversion due to size of CSV file.

Accessible on all Windows versions

Feel comfortable to run this smart utility on Windows all new & old versions. This utility is helpful in converting CSV address book to vCard format on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and others.

Multiple VCF files creation

You will get contacts of CSV file in multiple VCF files. This means for every CSV file contact, you have different VCF files. This makes contacts sharing easier when specific contacts needs to be shared.

Technical Overview

CSV is Comma Separated Value contains delimited text file. In CSV file, you may have one record and every record is separated by comma. CSV file is created by MS Excel and is supported in limited application. But VCF is universally used format which is standardized. Moreover, they can hold all data type that you can't save in CSV files. Therefore, when the need for conversion of CSV database file to VCF format arises, you must go with this professional CSV 2 vCard Converter.

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