OST to PST Converter

OST to PST Converter Software Tool

An amazing tool to exchange OST to PST in simple steps.

One of the reliable and trustworthy software applications available for Outlook users. With the help of this application, users can recover from ost to pst in a small span of time. Outlook users can avail various benefits with this software. The application allows converting all the email attributes in Outlook PST format. By the term of email attributes. It means to include emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals, etc. Another advantage of this software is to recover the corrupt OST files into PST. For Outlook users who are willing to access their offline Exchange OST files. It recommends using the OST to PST converter tool for effective and appropriate output.

  • Inaccessible Outlook OST files to recover and access again in Outlook as PST.
  • The corrupt OST file gets scanned and then repaired with the help of this software.
  • The process is not time-consuming.
  • The method is simple to understand and follow to complete the conversion process.
  • Users are allowed to examine the preview of converted OST files before completing the process.
  • The software is applicable to extract the email addresses from to, cc, and bcc.
  • OST files with security like password protected are easily converted into PST file format.
  • Users can export the calendars and contacts in any of the file formats provided in this application.
  • Instant recovery of OST address book in PST file format.
  • The application is helpful and compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 versions.
  • The filter feature is available for finding out the emails as per the filter advantage.
  • After the conversion process, the mail structure and hierarchy will be the same.
  • The software helps to save the Outlook OST file into various file formats available in this application.
  • The OST conversion is applicable in batches.
  • The preview feature is available for all the users before saving the OST file into PST formats.
  • The user interface of the application is easy to understand.
  • The steps are simple and conversion is available by following some simple clicks.

Exchange OST to PST Using the Simple Methods

The software application is helpful for all Outlook users. The conversion output is 100 % authentic and appropriate. Users can easily convert the attributes like email, contacts, calendars, etc.

Have a look at simple steps to recover OST to PST

Step 1: Outlook users need to download and install the software available online.

Step 2: Try to launch the software on your computer system. Then you will be able to see the user interface which is pretty easy to understand.

Step 3: Users can choose any of the radio button options available as File mode and Folder mode. The File mode is helpful for converting single OST files. On the other hand, if you have multiple OST files to exchange then recommended to use Folder mode.

Step 4: The software allows to view the preview of OST files before proceeding further.

Step 5: With these following simple steps, users can choose the Output location by the browse button.

Step 6: Choose the format of exported file from the various options given in the dropdown list.

Step 7: Then click on the Convert Now button to start the process.

The above steps will help to convert OST files from outlook to any of the formats that this application allows. Also, the software provided the Pause and Stop buttons. Use these features accordingly.

A Prominent Tool to Recover OST to PST In Simple Steps

Compatible to convert OST to PST with Outlook versions available as 2019, 2013, 2016, 2010 and 2007. Outlook users might face issues with accessing their email files. This can happen when the Exchange Server goes for maintenance. Thus, in such cases, users can trust the software application for exchanging OST to PST in a small span of time. The software applies to work with any of the Outlook versions. As per the record of surveys. It observed that this application provided accurate results to many of the users.

  • The software can help with multiple OST conversions possible.
  • The preview feature is helpful for users to examine the emails before proceeding to further process.
  • It applies to convert OST files as well as folders with quick response.

OST to PST Converter Tool - Need and Usage of Software Application?

Why convert the OST file to PST?

Outlook users who have a connection with Exchange Server. The MS Outlook comes with an inbuilt facility of Export/Import Wizard. In some cases, when offline mode is running. Then this feature of the Export/Import wizard does not help to export OST files. Thus, users need to use third-party software for immediate help with OST conversion. The software is helpful in converting complete OST files in case there is any corrupt file as well. The developers provide various tremendous features with this software for working with ease.

Willing to Recover OST to PST in MS Outlook

The mailbox data of Outlook gets stored with file extension as OST on computer system. In some cases, when these files get corrupted. Then users are not able to read and access these emails back. Thus, the software can help the Outlook users by providing instant help. This will also provide you reliable solution with accurate conversion results.

Outlook users who wish to Restore and Recover OST to PST

Outlook users cannot access their emails in case of Exchange Server gets crashed. At this crucial time. The software can overcome the situation by providing access back to lost emails. There are many situations when users are not able to access their OST emails. The reasons can be many, discussing the basic problems. The OST files get corrupted as of any attack on the system. The computer machine was not shut down properly. There might be some issue with the hard drive. These all problems can hamper your work of accessing emails. Thus in such situations, the software can help to provide effective results.

Scanpst.exe is no longer help you to repair OST emails

The Outlook users can first check with the Scanpst.exe feature. This is an inbuilt feature of Outlook. There are circumstances when the Exchange server is not able to synchronize with Outlook. Then in such cases, users required to choose a software application for resolving. The software can help to access the lost OST emails access after converting in another file format. This way users will not lose access to their emails. Also, the data is completely secure during the conversion process.

Have a Look at Important Features of Exchange OST to PST Application

Immediate OST Conversion

The process of conversion from OST to other file formats is completely safe. After the conversion, the Outlook users need not worry about data loss. The software is developed by keeping all these necessary points in mind. The manual methods do have various limitations. But the software applications assure with complete conversion to be done safely. Also, there will be no data loss. The conversion process is easy and quick which gets completed in few seconds.

Available Feature to export complete mailbox data

Outlook users who are working with OST files. They can easily export the complete emails with attachments as well as all attributes. What are these email attributes? Outlook users can easily export the things like emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, journals, email attachments etc. These all OST files can be easily converted into PST file format.

Preview OST and Recover Corrupt Outlook OST to PST

The software is helpful in recovering the corrupt OST files. Outlook users can export any type of OST file to PST. This means if you have a corrupt OST file and wish to recover the same. This can be possible with the OST PST Converter tool. Sometimes, users only need to switch from one platform to another. In these cases, also the software will help you and provide accurate results.

Password Protected OST Files Can be Recovered and Converted

Another tremendous feature of this software application. The users who have OST files with passwords. They can now convert the password-protected OST files to another file extension. Thus, this tool provides various amazing features with lots of benefits for all Outlook users.

No mail hierarchy will be varied after conversion

This is a great advantage for all the users who work with an Outlook email application. While performing the conversion process, each user thinks about this query. Whether after the conversion the email hierarchy and properties will be the same or not. Thus, with this application, users need not worry about the mail properties and hierarchy.

Outlook versions supports OST to PST Conversion

Once the OST files get converted into desired PST file format. The Outlook users can easily import the new PST file in any of the Outlook versions. The software is helpful to convert any file size of Outlook OST. The final PST file can be imported to any of the Outlook versions. These are 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003. Outlook users can easily read the file in PST format.

Advanced Filter Option available

With the help of filter options available in the software. Users can choose to select the date and range for getting the required emails. This feature is helpful in searching the needy emails in a small span of time. This way users can convert the required emails into PST.

Easy to Understand UI

The software is handy and can be used by any of the users. There is no need to be technically intelligent. As the complete work is done by the software itself. The users need to just follow the simple steps and choose the correct option for completing the OST conversion. Our developers have developed an interface that can be easily understood by a layman.

Available Feature to export complete mailbox data

Outlook users who are working with OST files. They can easily export the complete emails with attachments as well as all attributes. What are these email attributes? Outlook users can easily export the things like emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, journals, email attachments etc. These all OST files can be easily converted into PST file format.

Export procedure can be done with two methods

Outlook users who wish to convert the OST files into PST. They can transfer the OST files in two modes. One is File mode and another is Folder mode. The users can choose according to their needs. The file mode will help to convert the single OST files. While for multiple OST files, you can use the Folder mode radio option. These options are available in the software.

Easy to Export OST Files of any Size

The Outlook users need to worry about the file size. They can convert any OST file with any amount of size. With the available feature named “Ignore empty folders”. The Outlook users can skip the folders during the conversion which are empty. This can be done by checking one checkbox. In the software dialog box, you will get an option to choose for ignoring empty folders. If you check this checkbox then all your empty folders will get skipped during the conversion process.

Software is compatible with Windows OS

The software application is helpful for Outlook users to work with Windows operating system. All the versions of Windows starting from XP, Vista, and upgraded versions are compatible with this application. While performing the conversion task, there will be no harm to the running background process. Thus the complete conversion process is trouble-free.

Convert calendars and contacts in different formats

Another important advantage of this application is it helps the users to convert calendars and contacts into different file formats. If you wish to convert Outlook OST calendars into ICS and MSG formats. Then, this can be done with the help of OST to PST converter software. While contact conversion of OST to another file format is allowed with this application. Users can save the contacts in CSV and MSG file formats. Thus, it recommends choosing the application which offers a great advantage and features to all the Outlook users.

Technical Overview

Illustration of OST and PST File formats

The users who work with Outlook email clients. They should know that the files get saved with the PST file extension. These PST files are known as a personal storage table format. These are responsible for saving email messages, contacts, calendars, and much more. While on the other hand if you are working with Exchange Server. Then this process prepares an offline folder on your computer system. This folder consists of an OST file extension which is known as an offline storage table. Thus, Outlook users need to know the key points when they can switch from OST to PST in Outlook.

1) Corruption of Exchange Server

The Outlook users might face this corruption problem with their Exchange Server. In such cases, users need to get their email access back. This can only be done if you can recover your lost OST emails. Without spending lots of time with manual methods. It recommends choosing a professional application. This will assure complete conversion without any data loss. Also, in a small amount of time, users can access their emails in PST file format. 

2) Process of Maintenance of Exchange Server

For the quick and appropriate performance of the Exchange Server. There is a need to complete the maintenance of the Server. Thus, during this process, it becomes tedious for Outlook users to access their emails. We don't know how much time this will take to maintain the server. Thus, in such situations, a software application is worth choosing. 

3) Email data migration 

When Outlook users wish to migrate the mailbox data from one place to another. Then it requires a conversion from OST to PST. This process is important because the OST files are only accessible where it created. This, moving the OST files with the help of software applications can provide email access. 

4) No MS Exchange Server in a new environment 

This can be the case when you move from one place to another and working in an organization. The users can switch from OST to PST as offline storage table files are not accessible on the new machine. So if you wish to access the old emails in the new environment then you need to export the earlier emails in PST file format. 

5) Mailbox data get Corrupts 

In case when OST mail data get corrupt then you can recover the same with the help of a software application. The software tool will help to gain email access back without data loss.

Frequently asked questions

No, the software application is a standalone tool. You need not require to install any other software. Just download this application, install and launch it on your machine for getting the effective output.
Yes, you can save the OST files in various file formats. The software helps to save the OST file in PST, EML, HTML, NSF, MSG, MHTML, IMAP, PDF, EMLX, TGZ.
The Outlook users can filter the emails on the basis of the date range. This way you can convert the specific emails in a small span of time.