MBOX File to PST Converter Software Tool

One of the best and trustworthy applications to convert Mbox to pst by following simple steps.

The process of MBOX to Outlook with a professional application is easy. The method is simple and not time-consuming. MBOX users who wish to switch from thunderbird to MS Outlook. They can choose the software for getting the desired output. One of the major advantages of using the application for mbox 2 pst is there will be no data loss. Another useful benefit of using professional software is the great user interface.

The software is compatible with converting the MBOX to PST, MSG, EML, and EMLX file formats. Thus, the users who wish to convert the files without any trouble in a small amount of time. They can choose the MBOX to PST Converter application for appropriate conversion.
The software works intelligently and automatically find the Thunderbird MBOX files.
Users can convert single or multiple MBOX emails to other file formats.
There is no restriction with the MBOX file size. This means users are free to convert any file size from Thunderbird to another file format.
The software helps to convert the MBOX file to a new PST file format.
Users are allowed to check the preview of MBOX email files before proceeding to the conversion.
Easy to use interface developed for all users.
Users will get complete knowledge and procedure steps for working with the software tool.
There will be no data loss after the conversion process.
All the MS Outlook versions are well supported with the software application.
Users can easily save their MBOX files with existing or newly created PST file formats.
Demo which is a great advantage for all Thunderbird users. They can try the freeware product for a better understanding of the working of the application.
All the properties and email attributes covered with the application.
The conversion process gets completed without any trouble.
Users can save the Outlook PST files as per their choice on their computer system.

A Prominent Application to Convert MBOX to PST in Simple Steps

After spending so much time in developing this software. Our developers have keep all the important aspects in their mind. They tried to resolve all users query by providing effective solutions with this software. The MBOX users can use this application for converting mbox to Outlook. It includes data with emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes.

Steps of MBOX to PST Converter

Step 1: Try to download the software application on your computer system. After downloading, install the software and then launch the same.

Step 2: Once you open the application, a user interface will display on your machine. There will be two options like File mode and Folder mode.

Step 3: Choose the one which suits you. File mode is applicable for converting single MBOX file. While folder mode will help you to convert many files from the folder.

Step 4: Then select any option to load the thunderbird emails in the software. This can be done by choosing any of the following options.

Step 5: Load Thunderbird default location - The software itself picks the default location.

Step 6: Load thunderbird manual location - Users can select the location by themselves.

Step 7: Now choose the respective file for saving the MBOX file into a desired output file format. Users can choose any of the following file formats. MBOX files can convert into PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, and HTML file formats.

Step 8: Browse the output location. Try to save the respective file after clicking on the Convert Now button.

import mbox file mbox to pst export mbox

Need and Advantage of Using Thunderbird to MS Outlook Converter Tool

Willing to Import Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

Using the software application. MBOX users can import the existing emails to MS Outlook. All the versions like 2016, 2013, 2010, and earlier versions of Outlook are compatible with the converter tool.

MBOX users need to Switch from Thunderbird to Outlook

Some of the users who work with Thunderbird emails. They can switch to Outlook if they wish to access their emails in PST. Thus, the software provides an effective solution for instant conversion.

Users trying to open MBOX Emails in PST file format

The software helps MBOX users who wish to access their emails in PST. The interface of this application is simple to understand as well as follows. Thus, choose the freeware product for examining the working. This will help to convert MBOX to any of the desired file formats.

Exporting MBOX file to PST using a Converter Tool

For the users who need to access Apple mac mail in MS Outlook email client. They can try this software application. This will provide access to the emails back in the Windows machine. For immediate transfer of emails from MBOX to Windows. Try to install the software on your computer to get the desired output.

The Software Compatible with a Huge Range of MBOX Email Clients

Users need not panic with the MBOX email clients for doing the conversion. The software works super intelligent. Our developers designed the software by keeping all the important aspects in their mind. The application applies to work with almost all email clients which supports MBOX file format. Thus, in case you have any of the email clients with MBOX file emails. All can be converted into the desired Outlook PST file format in a small span of time.

The email clients with MBOX file format includes the following:

  • Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail
  • Eudora
  • PowerMail
  • Kmail
  • Netscape
  • Evolution
  • Spicebird
  • Google Vault Files(*.mbox)
  • Alpine
  • Google Takeout(*.mbox)
  • Becky! Internet Mail
  • Claws Mail
  • ConeP
  • Postbox
  • Mulberry
  • Opera Mail
  • Horde Group Webmail
  • Entourage
  • SeaMonkey

Avail Different File Formats to Convert with Professional Application

Users who are in search to convert thunderbird to MS Outlook solution. They can use the professional application for getting the desired output. The application is easy to understand and follows the steps. Users can convert the MBOX file to other file formats using this application.

  • Convert MBOX to PST - The application performs to convert the MBOX file format to PST file extension. This supports all the versions of Outlook.
  • Convert the Thunderbird emails to EML format - The software helps to export the emails in EML file format. These exported emails can access into Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, etc.
  • MBOX to MSG is possible - MBOX users can convert the emails in MSG file format easily. These files can easily access in Outlook and Exchange.
  • MBOX to HTML conversion - The software helps to convert the MBOX extension to HTML file format. These exported emails can be accessible in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Important Aspects of Software Application – MBOX to PST Converter Tool

Easy to import MBOX Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

When users are in need to convert their important emails without any data loss. Then the professional application always turns to the best choice for getting the desired output. MBOX users can choose the software application. This will make their work easy and trouble-free. In a very short duration, the conversion process gets complete. Thus, users need to follow some simple clicks and steps for availing of the desired conversion.

Users get an Advantage for saving MBOX to Various File Formats

With the help of this software application. MBOX users can not only save the emails in PST file format. While they get a choice for saving in other formats as well. Like users can select the radio button of their choice when they use the software. There are options to save like in PST, EML, HTML, MSG, etc. file formats.

A prominent feature to preview emails

The users get a chance for previewing their emails. This is allowed when you are proceeding with the conversion. Thus, users can examine their converted emails before hitting the convert now button. Once you are aware of the preview then it's a green signal to convert the emails. Without any doubt, users can convert the emails in their desired output file format.

Exporting and Importing of Apple emails to Outlook Email client

Many of the big companies choose to work with Apple operating system. Thus their emails get saved with Apple mail. In some of the scenarios when they wish to export Apple mails to Outlook. This can be done with the help of using a software application. Thus, users can export the Apple email file extension to Outlook PST effortlessly.

Complete email properties migration possible

Users can try this application for the complete migration of email properties from MBOX to PST. The existing data including CC, BCC, from, to, and email attachments. All these details will be easily migrated without any trouble in an Outlook email client.

Choose the Output Location as per your choice

MBOX users are free to choose their desired location to save the file on their system. The application provides an option for saving the PST file at any of the locations where you wish to save.

Freeware MBOX to PST version available

The software provides a freeware solution for all users. Avail this opportunity for knowing the working of the software. This will help the users to understand the procedure for converting the emails from MBOX to PST.

Amazing User Interface of Application

Users will be happy to know that the interface is so simple to understand. There is no need to be technical for working with this application. By following some of the simple clicks. Users can easily follow the steps and convert the MBOX files to any of the desired file formats.

All versions of Outlook are compatible

MBOX users who need to convert the emails into other Outlook email clients. Then it is important to know that all the versions are acceptable with this software application. Thus, do not doubt about the version incompatibility with the application tool.

Option to convert single or multiple files from Thunderbird

The software provides two options for converting emails. You can choose any of the following. If you wish to convert with a single MBOX file then there is a File mode option available. This can help to convert the single email file to any other file format. While for converting plenty of email files then choose the Folder mode.

Trouble-free MBOX to EML file conversion

Now users can easily convert the MBOX file to EML file format. It is not required to use any other third-party software for conversion from MBOX to EML. The application helps the users to completely convert the emails into EML file format.

Unlimited Access of Email in Outlook as PST file format

The thunderbird or Apple mail users can choose the license key version. This will help to convert the unlimited MBOX emails to Outlook PST file format. The freeware version has some limitations. Thus, it recommends choosing the licensed version of this software. This will help the users to work with unlimited MBOX to PST conversions.

Software allows email attachment conversions also without any data loss

One of the prominent features of this application is to convert any file size emails. The software is helpful for complete conversion without any data loss.

No restrictions with the email file size for conversion

Thunderbird email users can convert any file size to another file format. The software does not restrict the users to large-size files. Thus the software is having a great feature that helps MBOX users to convert any file size emails.

Software Overview - Technical Understanding of Tool

People who use Thunderbird email client for accessing their emails. In some cases when they wish to switch to any other email client like Outlook. Then this process of conversion is possible with third-party software applications. Thus, our developers have developed the application for providing immediate help as the conversion of MBOX to PST file format.

System Requirements for using this application

  • Find out the below system requirements for using the application to convert MBOX to PST.
  • Support: All Windows versions are compatible with this application.
  • Processor: It recommends a 2.4 GHz processor. While a 1 GHz processor is good to go.
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM is recommended for using the software. While 512 MB of RAM is good to go.
  • Hard disk space: 100 MB of free space should be there for the better working of this application.
  • Supported Windows Editions:
  • Windows operating system with the following versions is acceptable.
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Software Pre-requisites:
  • If you are working with other than Windows XP versions then launch the application as "Run as Administrator"

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