PST Merge Software

Outlook PST Merge Software

An application for Merging Different PST files to Make a Single Outlook PST file

Outlook users who are willing to create a single PST file can try this reliable tool. The software helps to merge various PST files into a resultant of a single PST file format. The main advantage of this application is data accuracy and immediate merging of PST files. Thus, it recommends choosing the affordable and trustworthy brand available in an online market. It is important to know that all email attributes like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and many more. These all get included in the newly created PST file extension. Thus, Outlook users need not worry about their important data. As this application has developed with all such things keeping in mind. Another important feature that users can take advantage of with this application. Outlook users can easily remove the duplicate items available in their mailbox data. The software helps to provide this advanced feature to all the users.

  • Merge Different and Multiple PST files to make a Single PST file.
  • MS Outlook email attributes are also allowed to get saved into a single PST format.
  • MS Outlook archives are easily saved into a single PST file format.
  • Users can even select the desired folders for saving the file into a single PST format.
  • Users can select the appropriate email attributes to save the same in a separate PST file format.
  • The resultant single PST file will be an accurate and strong file extension.
  • The application helps to work well with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013.
  • Merging can help users to manage the email attributes in an easy manner.
  • Following the simple steps, users can easily handle the operations to get the required output.
  • Users can utilize the software to merge any Outlook file size.
  • The application supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST file formats.

Great Accuracy Tool to Merge Any File Size of Outlook PST Format

The Outlook users can avail the various benefits provided by the software company. With the help of this tool, users can easily merge any size of PST file into a single file format. There is no restriction with the file size of merging the PST file formats. There is an option for saving the resultant PST file as a new file or even use the existing PST file.

Follow the below guided steps for working with the software process:

Step 1: First of all download the application from the link available on website.

Step 2: Try to launch the application and then open after clicking double clicking on the software icon.

Step 3: You will be able to see the easy user interface on your computer desktop. Then there will be two options available to choose. Users can choose any of the following as per their need. Outlook users can select Multiple PST files option or folder having multiple PST files.

Step 4: Once you done with above step. Now choose the option to merge the PST files from distinct merging options.

Step 5: If you wish to skip the empty folders then check the checkbox named as Ignore empty folders.

Step 6: Click on the Start merging button. This will start the merge PST process.ghth

PST Merge Tool consequences in various situations

Users need to know the importance of merging PST file

The application helps to merge PST with any file size to single PST file format. For any Outlook versions users can take advantage of this software.

The Software helps and supports Outlook 2016 version

Outlook users who work with 2016 version. It is a great news that users can avail the application to merge multiple PST files to make a new PST file format.

PST Merge Tool helps to merge any sort of PST file in Outlook

For the Outlook users who have tried with manual methods. In case, manual methods does not help. Then try to choose the software for doing the process safely.

Software allows to save the converted PST file with existing filename

Outlook users can choose the application for saving the converted PST file format with the existing file name. Thus no need to save the desired filename with existing name. This is an advantage for Outlook users.

Prominent features of Merge PST Application

Immediate merge PST Process provided

The Outlook users can enjoy merging PST in few minutes. The software helps to scan the PST files accurately. Then works according to the algorithm developed for providing the needful results. The developers have worked with all their efforts in providing the appropriate merge results. Thus choosing the software application can do wonders for Outlook users.

Compatible with UNICODE

The importance of using a third-party tool is that it supports the UNICODE characters also. This way it will not hamper the work if users have characters written in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese etc. Thus, it makes a sense to choose the professional application for working with ease.

Great interface provided by the developers

Our developers have developed this software to provide an easy user interface. This will help them to understand the steps in an easier manner. Thus, no need for technical knowledge provided for working with this application. Users required to work accordingly as the steps provided to achieve the goal.

Compatible software with almost all versions

Another advantage of this application is this supports well Outlook 2016, and all the latest versions available. The process is simple and trouble-free. The merge PST application works well with all the versions of Windows.

Ignore Duplicate files

At the time of using the application. There is an option of choosing a checkbox to Remove Duplicate Items. If users select this checkbox then the duplicate files will not get merged in the new PST file.

Freeware version available

For understanding the working of this application. Our developers have provided a solution with a freeware version application. The users can download the software on their computer machines. Then try to install and launch the same. Follow the steps as guided to avail the valuable outcome.

Large Size Merge PST files Possible

Another advantage of using this application is to merge the Outlook PST formats without any file size restriction. This makes the application more prominent for users. Users can do the merging of files whether it is in MB or GB file size without any trouble.

Ignore the deleted items facility available

With this tool, it is not required to merge the deleted items. In fact, Outlook users can work as per their own rule. They can exclude or include the data. If you wish to merge these deleted items then choose to include these files. While on the other hand, choose to ignore the deleted items from merging. Both the options are available for users convenience.

No variation of data in the new PST file

For Outlook users who wish to merge the PST files with a new PST name. The software works intelligently by providing a similar data structure as it was available with the existing file name. This means there will be no changes observed when you save the PST files with the new file name.

Complete PST files and data merge successfully

Outlook users can merge all the available items in their PST email file. Like complete emails, contacts, notes, calendars, journals, tasks etc all can merge in a single PST file.

Empty folders can be excluded

The Outlook users have an option to avoid the empty folders before merging PST files. This way you can save space as well the process will be fast to perform.

Accurate performance and no data loss

Another importance of using this application is that there will be no data loss observed. This can be examined by working with the freeware version. Users can check the efficacy of this application. Once you get satisfied with the demo product. Choose to buy the license key version for unlimited merge PST files without any limitations.

Technical Overview

One of the valuable email clients in the IT industry is MS Outlook. This email application consists of various advantages. This makes the Outlook email client as one of the known choices for emails by many organizations. In fact, people use Outlook for personal use also. But for large companies. If there is one halt that occurred in Outlook then the complete process gets hampered.

Thus to save your work and time. We have developed this Merge PST software. This will help to merge PST files including all related data like emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Through this process, it will be easy to manage the files into a single PST file.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can easily merge PST files without any data loss. The software supports all versions of Outlook and Windows.
Yes, the software provides two options. You can choose multiple PST files or even a folder can be browsed. This will help you to merge PST files accordingly.
Yes, there is an option to select. You need to check the checkbox named “Ignore Empty folders”. Once you choose this option, the software will work accordingly. All your empty folders will be ignored while merging the PST files.