Convert VCF files to CSV Format

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About VCF to CSV Converter

VCF File

VCF is a text file format which stored in a compressed manner. A VCF file is flexible enough to open with multiple email clients and smart devices like Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, Blackberry etc… With a VCF file format you can stay connected with your important contacts. It stores all important contacts including first name, second name, home address, office address, phone number etc…

CSV File

CSV is a simple file format. It is used to store data in a tabular format like spreadsheet or most likely MS Excel. The Comma-separated values stores entire contact details strategically in the table format. It is easy to access and operate. The Comma- Separate Values (CSV) is widely used to save contacts and many other data in table format.

What is VCF to CSV Converter?

With VCF to CSV, you will be capable to access several email clients and handheld gadgets contacts to CSV. The software performs error free conversion of VCF supported email clients like MS Outlook and Apple Mail. It gives access of iPhone, Blackberry and several other smart phones contacts to CSV. The compatibility level is appreciative, supports all the latest Windows including 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

How to Convert VCF to CSV?

To easily and accurately convert VCF to CSV checkout the aforementioned programs! We have listed them after evaluating them personally. You can rely on any of them to find accurate conversion. Before purchasing the software, we request you to install the demo version first. This is to evaluate the tool before buying its license.

Top Ten (10) VCF to CSV Converter Software available online

VCF to CSV converter is simple to operate but technically well efficient tool. It makes your conversion process brief and effortless. Download it from the company portal this advance conversion tool. The online store for software gives you an assurance of safe conversion.
Install VCF to CSV conversion program from company, one of the most trustable online platforms to buy third apps. The utility is known for its simplicity and accurate conversion results. License of the app is available for commercial and personal users.
Are you looking for a reputed online address to install VCF to CSV? Download the app from company, a reliable third email tool migration app provider. The VCF to CSV has been designed to export any size VCF data without losing the hierarchy of the data.
Converting VCF to CSV manually is a risky affair. You may lose your important contacts. offers an incredible third app that converts entire VCF contacts to CSV effortlessly and with top accuracy. All name, phone number and email address of VCF files are exported to CSV in no time.
Company invites all those users who are looking for personal or industrial conversion support from VCF to CSV. With this converter program, users can export multiple VCF files data to CSV. It saves time and effort. The straightforward application is available at attractive prices.
Company is one of the best platforms to install VCF to CSV exporter. The online store offers the tool holding simple interface and incredible conversion speed. Entire vCard file data is scanned at one go to export into CSV. All properties of contacts are exported.
Company is a leading portal to install VCF to CSV conversion application. The third app resolves data conversion issue so gently. It doesn’t need users to have deep technical competency. The converter scans user’s data to migrate at fast speed and with full accuracy.
All users who are desperate to export all their important contacts of VCF files to CSV platform can install the app. Company provides accurate conversion assurance regardless of the file size. Entire components of VCF files are exported smoothly to CSV.
Company is an ideal online platform to buy VCF to CSV conversion for both personal and enterprise supports. The tool works at fast speed. All data including name, address, phone number and email address are extracted from VCF to save into CSV.
Company is offering a simple VCF to CSV conversion application to export entire contacts details of vCard to CSV without losing the hierarchy. All contact details are scanned by the program to provide accurate conversion results. Download the application today.


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