Top 10 Games for Android

Subway surfer

Subway Surfer is the most popular game where a runner is running behind the coins to collect them and a police officer cartoon character is chasing him. The runner is facing various obstacles in its path and as he collect coins, he get points according to them and as per the coins, he can afford various facilities by purchasing them such as skates, shoe etc. It is the most popular game among children and elders also. It is available on Android, IOS, Windows phone platforms.

Temple Run

Temple run is an endless video game highly developed for the users who are fond of racing or running games. Here, the player is running endlessly to collect coins and meanwhile he faces various obstacles such as jungle apes. He is chased by an evil monkey. The coins are in the shape of yellow diamonds but according to the point value. After the highly appreciated reviews of this game, temple run 2 is also launched  which offers you more jumping, running and sliding options which are highly praised by the users. The game is free of cost and you can easily download it from your mobile phone’s play store.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is free to play puzzle video game. This is loved by millions of players. There are various levels of this game. The game is based on swapping two adjacent candies among several on the gameboard as to make a row or column of atleast 3 matching colored candies. The game has been expanded with a number of episodes adding various levels. The game can be played completely through without spending money. This game helps in improving the human brain.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a free to play, location based reality game. The game utilizes the player’s mobile device’s GPS ability to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures. Players move from their actual location to gain pokemon. As you move around the places where you live and visit, your smart phone will vibrate to let you know you are near a pokemon. Once you get a pokemon, throw a ball to catch it. If it is a powerful pokemon, you will not be able to capture it and you have to become more powerful by upgrading your level by gaining more pokemons.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is an endless running video game. The player controls Mario as he automatically runs from left to right, jumping on his own to clear small gaps or obstacles. The player must tap the touch screen to make Mario jump over large obstacles. Coins are being collected all over the game and the game ends when the player is able to get Mario safely through all the levels in the fastest time. The player can unlock five other characters to use instead of Mario. It is a very popular game and was downloaded by more than 50 million times worldwide during its first week release.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is an action adventure video game. The mission of Grand Theft Auto are all crime based missions which will have the player take part in criminal activities  such as grand theft auto, bank robbery , theft and many more. The game offers freedom to complete mission at the player’s leisure. However, there are some limitations. The primary objective of players is to reach a certain number of points in order to complete a level and move to next level. Missions are also becoming difficult as the game progresses.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game by making community to attack other players to earn gold. It is a strategy game whose primary objective is to be the person with the most trophies. There are two phases in the game – build and action. Defending your village or clan from enemies is the big part of build phase. Action phase involves attacking other village by placing your soldiers in the right places. You can earn trophies either by successfully attacking someone else’s village or by successfully defending against an attack from another online player. As you earn trophies, you will get higher rank. The ultimate goal is to work your way to very top.

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3 is a mobile fighting game. It is a dual mode fighting action game. It is an amazing mobile game launched with top graphics. The player can customize their in game characters by choosing their name, gender, facial features etc. this facility is available at the very beginning of the game. The main aim of this game is balancing fight against your best efforts to build a competitive character. The player who remains till end in the fight will be the winner of the game.

Alto’s adventure

Alto’s adventure is an endless runner snowboarding video game by snowman. The player character automatically moves to the right of the screen through landscapes and the player can only control when to jump. The player taps the screen to jump and perform tricks and work towards to achieve high score to competition. The player receives awards for completing goals and can also collect coins that can be used to purchase upgrades.

Monument Valley

Monument valley is a puzzle game which helps in improving human brain.  The player leads Princess Ida through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects while manipulating the world around her to reach various platforms. The player interacts with the environment to find hidden passages. This game is highly appreciated by the users and then Monument Valley 2 version is launched.